Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Sunday, August 17, 2014


About this many!

Fourteen zipper superhero dolls for Pediatric Cardiology.  Unzip the zipper and there is the heart.  Scars from heart surgery are referred to as "zippers".  The larger superhero dolls will be divided between Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Oncology. 

I've also been working on more felt "unpaper" dolls and the carriers.  My son, Mike, designed these for me and they have been so much fun to make.  The carriers are made from flannel so the dolls will stick and there are quart size plastic bags sewn into the carrier to hold each outfit.  I had already taken one princess set into the Pediatric Oncology unit and the girl who received them was really happy with them.  Made 3 more sets of princesses and 4 sets of superheros.  Each princess set has 7 outfits and each superhero set has 6 outfits.

I'm thinking silly monsters - lots of silly monsters next!  And I need to make a bunch of new items for NICU too.  But first, I guess I'll have to clean up my messy sewing room!  Ugh!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I often sit and think about the kids at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital especially after I've walked past their rooms and see them in their beds.  Some are too ill to sit up but others are sitting up with a table in front of them.  They are so young!  I was thinking about what to make that might keep them busy while in bed and came up with felt 'unpaper' dolls.  Princesses and Superheros of course.  And they would need some way to hold it all. 

So, my son came up with some awesome patterns for me to cut from felt and I found the perfect holder at Infarrantly Creative.  So here's the finished product with 7 princess outfits and 2 dolls.  Going to make the holder a bit shorter but other than that, I love it.  And so did the little girl in the Pediatric Oncology unit who received it.  She didn't want me to change anything.  I have 3 more sets of Princesses finished, working on 4 sets of superheros, and thinking about Frozen!

Also delivered a dozen Chemo dolls to the Oncology Dept and dogs and cats to PICU.  I included in the delivery to PICU the wonderful bear with a finger puppet and the bunny that Amy Samin sent me all the way from Israel.  Thank you Amy.  The kids will love them!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Recently I made some felt "unpaper" dolls from an amazing pattern by Linda of LindyJDesign on Etsy.  Linda has some very cute patterns for kids you don't want to miss.  And her instructions for the felt dolls were so clear and informative.  The pattern is actually for a Quiet Book called Busy Day but I don't have the time to make all the pages but wanted to be able to share the felt doll and clothes with the kids at the hospital. I have also made some of her finger puppets and learned some very easy ways to create them that I hadn't thought of before. 

Today I went hunting for some kind of folder to make for the felt doll & clothes that would be easy for the kids.  I found an awesome pattern from PegAnders on Etsy .  It's a doll house tote for paper dolls but I knew it would work for what I wanted.  I made it a bit more simple for my needs but it is easy, the instructions are clear, and it comes out very cute.  I didn't add the handles because I don't like to add anything that can get caught in IV lines etc.  You'll love this pattern!  And here's the finished product which I will take into the hospital tomorrow hoping I can find a little girl to try it out on and get her opinion.

Now I want to work on a Superhero one for the boys!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Delivery day tomorrow!  Sixty seven items for three different departments.  I love what I do!!!

I found a new pattern (at least for me) at Dolls and Daydreams and fell in love with it.  Cuties for a Cure - Chemotherapy Doll Sewing Pattern and $2 from every sale is donated to cancer research.  It's so cute and so easy.  I'm interested to hear what the nurses in Peds Onc have to say.  Pattern also has wigs, hats, headband, and scarf.  I only made the hats this time.

Also made some of my hospital peanut dolls for the toddlers to hold.  These are one of the most popular dolls with the little kids.  There is a free pattern for them - just look up at the links at the top of the page and you'll find it.

And, of course, an Olaf pillow with a book to go with it!

Speaking of pillows, we have Superheros, Googlies, Care Bears and Hello Kitty.  Each pillow has a pocket in the back that holds either a book, stickers or a mini monster!

Haven't taken anything into NICU in a few weeks so I made them quite a few items from mini pillows to giraffes and taggies.

I'm thinking that these amazing kids need some felt paper dolls, some mermaids and some pirates next!  But first, I have to clean up the mess I've made making all these!

Monday, June 16, 2014


I'm working on some new pillows for the hospital and wanted to share this cute pattern I found through Pinterest.  It's a free pattern by Lisa at 5 Orange Potatoes.  Lisa made some really cute gremlins from recycled sweaters and with a few drops of essential oils.  I can't use that for the hospital so I made them from felt.  I made each face different and because I needed a smaller size, I printed it out at 85%.  Click HERE for the link to the pattern.

I'm making some pillows using the Googlies fabric panels but wanted to include something to play with as well.  Although the pillows are not made yet, I wanted to show you how cute the gremlin monsters are and send you to Lisa's blog.  All of the ovals and circles are cut out with my Big Shot but the mouths and teeth are free hand cutting.  I am putting a pocket at the back of the pillow to hold the gremlin monster.  

Thank you Lisa for the awesome pattern.  Please visit her blog as she has some very interesting things to teach you about using naturual ingredients as well.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This has been a very busy few weeks but I love every minute of it!!  Here's what's being delivered today.

I have been asked to make some special items for the Angel Room at the hospital.  They asked me to make finger puppets to go along with the book they give children whose brother or sister died at birth. The child is happy and pictures himself and the baby playing (first picture).  Then there is an angel instead of a baby.

 He is now sad that there is no baby, but the book explains that the baby will always be in his heart and is now an angel.
 The boy finger puppet is happy on one side and sad on the other.  The child can add the wings and the halo to the baby to make it an angel.

Four butterfly pillows for the older children or parents.

Four angels with babies for ornaments in the small boxes they give the parents.

Eight larger angel ornaments with 16 babies for the larger boxes.  The nurses can choose the baby that goes with the angel.

A dozen books with matching finger puppets - dinos, superheros, My Little Ponys, Elmo and Friends - all thanks to the books donated by Fallon Wilson.  These will be going to different departments.

And, of course, supehero dolls in two sizes - 16 of them!  These will mostly be going to the Pediatric Cardiac offices.  I bagged them up and realized I had forgotten to take the photo.