Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Heading to the hospital tomorrow with a few items for the kids.  Didn't make too much because this holiday brings a lot of donations of Easter baskets.  These were cute and so easy to make. 

I made egg shaped soft pillows with the pocket to hold the finger puppets on craft sticks.  Finger puppet pattern by PreciousPatterns on Etsy.

 Found this pattern for small bunnies on Pinterest.  Click here for pattern. 

These small bunny pillows are from a pattern on Pinterest.  Click here for pattern.  I made it small and soft for little hands!
 These are my favorite.  Wanted something different for the boys.  This is a pattern by PreciousPatterns on Etsy.  I added the eye patch.  Pattern has a cute frog too.

This is such a cute soft pattern especially for the little ones.  It's a free pattern by Wendi at Shiny Happy World.  I found it on Pinterest.  Click here for pattern.  I stuffed it lightly with fiberfil instead of using plastic pellets.  Quick and very easy.


I've been working on finger puppets like crazy.  Bunnies, chicks, and frogs for the small pillows I made for the kids at the hospital.  (More Easter pics to come tonight!)  This awesome pattern for these is by PreciousPatterns on Etsy.  Love, love, love her patterns.  Wait till you see the Pirate Bunny I made from another of her patterns.

I was having a difficult time finding a superhero pattern I really liked.  I finally found one at Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons which is a wonderful blog for scrapbooking ideas and patterns.  I noticed she had a category for 'cutting files'.  I'm not a scrapbooker but it interested me and there, lo and behold, were the superhero finger puppets I wanted.  But I don't have the fancy cutting machines that are out.  I do have my beloved Big Shot and a few general dies.  Then I noticed it said the files came in 3 formats, one of which was PDF.  I could make the face from a PDF!! and use my own simple body.  So I bought it and I love it!  Be sure to visit Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons.  Most of the awesome cutting machines will cut felt and her patterns are perfect!  More to come later on the mermaid!

I contacted the Child Life Specialists at the children's hospital and we decided to put the finger puppets on sticks as it is easier for the kids.  Well, off to make more.  Remember I have 115 books to make finger puppets for and the hospital is very excited about it.  Thank you Fallon Wilson for this generous donation of all the books!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Yesterday, I received a large box filled with 115 children's books from a beautiful lady named Fallon Wilson.  Her daughter, Chloe, has been diagnosed with a rare "birthmark" hemangioma underneath her right eyelid and has already lost part of her vision.  I sent a few of my handmade items to Chloe and her sister Jayce.  Their mom wanted to "pay it forward" for all that everyone has done to keep Chloe smiling through this very difficult time and she chose to bless me. 

My plan is to make finger puppets to go along with the books plus a bag to keep them in for the kids at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital here in Spokane.  Mom or dad can read the book while they play with the finger puppets!  Thank you Fallon for paying it forward to me.  Now you will bring even more smiles to the faces of ill children!

Please visit Chloe's Facebook page and show her and her mom some love by "liking" her page. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014


As some of you may know, a friend from Facebook who has a little girl named Chloe who is ill has donated to me 117 children's book.  Yes, that is just so awesome.  This is her way of paying it forward for all that others have done to bring a smile to Chloe.  Visit Chloe's Faceback page and see how cute she is!  Will post a photo of the books when I receive them next week.

I noticed in the photo that some of the books were My Little Pony.  I would like to make finger puppets to go along with many of the books so I started to look for a My Little Pony finger puppet pattern to no avail.  But I did come across some wonderful patterns on Art Fire by Jeanette Lin, the author of a wonderful felt book "Big Little Felt Universe".  And some of those patterns are felt My Little Pony. 

This is the pattern I purchased.  My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle!  So cute!

I emailed Jeanette and asked if it would be okay if I made a finger puppet from her pattern by reducing the size of the pattern.  Not only did she say yes, she donated to me the balance of her My Little Pony patterns.

The kids will not only love these as finger puppets to go along with their book, but I can make the original pattern for them to play with while in bed.  Thank you so much Jeanette.  You will bring so many smiles to the children.

Jeanette has lots of really cool felt patterns on her site Umecrafts at Art Fire.  I love the Pet Shop Set - may have to get that one.  And there are so many cute felt food sets and her prices are awesome!  Be sure to check them out.  You will be so glad you did!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This morning was an awesome delivery day.  We took items to the NICU, PICU, Pediatric Oncology and the Kid's Heart office and starting next time, items to the Pediatric Emergency Room. 

Fifty eight items and could have used more!  The animal pillows at the top of the photo are a version of a PreciousPatterns pattern.  NICU received taggies and some small round and square pillows.  The small superhero heart dolls are a smaller version of the larger superhero dolls in the photo.  Each doll has a zipper which is what they call the scar from heart surgery.  Open the zipper and see a felt heart.  Made from a pattern by G&GPatterns.  Of course, Pediatric Oncology needed more superhero capes and masks and some dinos.  The dino pattern is by DollsandDayDreams but I reduced it by half.  The cute owl pillows are from a wonderful pattern by Gingercake.  You might want to check her out today.  I think she has some patterns on sale for $7 instead of $9!  Worth every penny!

I really do have to clean up the mess in my sewing room!  Think I'll spend a day redesigning it to make more room.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Last night when I was perusing Pinterest, I came across this cute, cute, cute pattern by Maureen Mills from Sweet Meadows Farm.  Although it is a primitive style (which I love), I knew I would have to make it look 'new' for the hospital.  But I loved the design and new they would look just as cute.

I just love the faces and I could tell they would be so easy to make.  So I bought it at and it does come as an e-pattern too if you email Maureen.

Maureen surprised me with 2 patterns she donated to me for the kids!  What a surprise and they are so cute.  

Please visit Sweet Meadows Farm either at or on Etsy and check out all her wonderful patterns.  And remember, if you're not into primitive, these will look wonderful with any fabric!  She also has a wonderful blog you can follow!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I can't believe I finished all these in a week!  These will be going to the PICU and Pediatric Oncology to bring smiles for Valentine's Day. 

Jake pillow is my own design.  Silly monster pillows are from a pattern by BedBuggs Pattern Shop on Etsy.  This is a simple pattern and the boys just love it.  The polka dot "Bailey" bears are from a pattern by Craftaholic Creations.  I added the heart. 

Hello Kitty pillow is a pattern I came up with.  The heart shaped pillows I made from princess fabric and added a felt pocket with 2 finger puppets made from felt and Anne Kelle's awesome princess fabric.  Just cut them out and fused them onto felt.  The dog pillows are from a pattern by G&GPatterns on Etsy.  I removed the arms and legs to make it a pillow and made the dog's face look like the dog on the fabric.  The little flannel bear pattern I found on Pinterest and added the heart.

One of my favorite patterns is the dog with his little bed.  Perfect for the kids to have who miss their dogs.  I added the heart for Valentine's Day.  Pattern by MorrisseyDolls on Etsy.  I love making finger puppets in the evening and sewing them by hand.  Found 2 cute Valentine Elmo books and I included 2 finger puppets and put them in little bags with velcro closing.

Now to start on some items for the NICU!